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Steve Kirsch

High tech entrepreneur and philanthropist

To contact me, see my profile on Twitter. LinkedIn and Medium have banned me for life because I said the COVID vaccines were killing people.

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Current Projects

A new approach to making it harder to breach computer security
It's time to change the locks on the front door. We last changed them 50 years ago.

Should the US invest aggressively in building advanced nuclear reactors?
I think so. If there is an alternative, what is it?

Why I started OneID
Because usernames and passwords are horrible for users: hard to remember, hard to use, and insecure. They aren't good for service providers either: risk of breach, support costs. OneID is the better alternative. A brand-new identity architecture that is easy to use, private, and secure. It's an identity that you manage and it's in your control.

Glaucoma: what my doctors never told me that could have saved my vision
I have complete vision loss in almost a quarter of my left eye. How you might be able to avoid the same mistakes.

Better than Keystone XL: $3/gallon gasoline from seawater
Why aren't we building a much more attractive alternative to the Keystone XL pipeline that can end our dependence on domestic and foreign oil by making synfuel from seawater.

Steve Kirsch's blog
Articles on cap-and-trade vs. fee-and-dividend and the IFR.

The IFR project: the silver bullet we need to stop global warming
Our top climate scientist, James Hansen, recently learned out about an old technology that looks to be the single most important weapon we have to fight global warming.

Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia: A new approach
In 2007, I was diagnosed with a rare incurable blood cancer that affects 1,500 people per year in the US. I probably have more than 5 years to live. This page describes what I'm doing to try to save my life and the lives of others with this disease.

Steve Kirsch Computer Tips
Some computer tips that you might find helpful.

Tesla Model S cleaning tips
For a $100K car, I figured I should invest in cleaning tools because it's really hard to find someone to clean it right. I was pretty amazed at what I had to buy and learn to do it myself.

How to get super-sharp auto-focus
I bought a Canon 7D and lots of my shots were not accurately auto-focused. This documents how I was able to dramatically improve the quality of my photos.

How to get flash pictures properly exposed
If the people are coming out under exposed or overexposed, here's the secret to getting it right every time.

Steve Kirsch's photo tips
Ten tips on how to get professional looking photos without being a professional

Eliminating spam
I spent 2 years and $5M developing a new spam filter algorithm that is currently more than 10 times more accurate than anything else on the market. Customers of Abaca have seen accuracy rates as high as 99.99% and we have a 100% customer renewal rate. My daughter's school (Castilleja) has been using it for 2 years now; the IT guy told me that they couldn't be happier. Unlike other approaches, with our system, the more they spam, the more accurate our filter becomes. We are talking to some major ISPs now to achieve that scale. When we out! It will be the "holy grail" of spam filters.

Who would make the best President?
My in-depth analysis of the candidates that has convinced a lot of people to change who they support in the Democratic primary. There is no reason to wait. You have all the info you need to make your choice now. As we know from other elections, the closer we get to the election, the more meaningless the data.

Why human beings could be extinct by 2100
My incurable blood cancer is minor compared to what is happening with the planet. Unless we make some dramatic changes soon to stop the rise of greenhouse gas emissions, our best scientists agree that there is now more than a 5% chance that most of humanity could be extinct in less than 100 years. Sound hard to believe? I explain why this is and why we we aren't taking action to change it.

The real enemy isn't the terrorists
Do you know what it is?

Why global warming should be every candidate's #1 priority
At the rate we are going, scientists predict that there is more than a 5% chance that human beings may be virtually extinct in less than 100 years from now. So tell me...just how bad does it have to get before the Presidential candidates start talking about taking the problem seriously? You'll know they finally "get it" when someone starts talking about replacing coal plants with renewable plants. Nobody "gets it" yet.

Twenty things every American should know about climate change
Climate change is important. We need to take aggressive action right now to stop it. Here is what we should be doing and why.

Global Warming: Why we must take dramatic action within the next 8 years
The first 2 paragraphs are a must read for everyone.

Carrie Anderson Information Page
Our personal assistant was killed in an auto accident on June 10, 2008. She'll be missed.

These things are far less important: