Bush or Gore? My research process

Because of the importance of the decision in front of us. Iíve spent hundreds of hours of my personal time doing research on the candidates.

  • sorting through the data, 
  • reading articles in magazines and newspapers, 
  • watching all the debates
  • talking individually with each major candidate
  • reading the technical reports, and 
  • talking with supporters of each candidate to understand why they feel the way they do. 
  • I went straight to the sources when I could. 

Iíve traded numerous e-mails with leading supporters of each candidate, who pointed me at numerous studies and arguments in defense of Bush. I wanted to thoroughly understand both sides of the issue before reaching a conclusion.

I take my constitutional right to vote very seriously. For me, that meant spending hundreds of hours reading news articles, searching the Internet, watching all the debates, and meeting one-on-one with each major candidate. Iíve been to Austin, Texas recently. Iíve been to both Republican and Democratic websites. And for every story I read on one site, I search the other site for the opposing view. When I couldnít find supporting data, I e-mailed or phoned into backdoor contacts at each campaign. Key articles from my research are included below but there is much more that you canít see that I havenít had time to post.

I also spent time talking with the prominent supporters of each candidate. These are all people who I greatly admire and respect for their accomplishments as well as for their thought process. Yet they are split on which candidate would make a better President.

Iíve also talked with my friends and business associates. Again, some people support Bush, others Gore. And I listened carefully to their reasons.

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