October 30, 2000

Why Gore

Everyone has a different criteria for picking a president. Here is my criteria. Your criteria is probably different.

Both candidates are saying the same things on many issues. Both candidates are now in favor of a smaller government, a stronger military, tax cuts for the middle class, expanding choices in education, and so on. However, there are differences...Here's the pro-Gore story. You can also read the "con-Bush" story and decide which argument you like better.
  • He did play a major role in championing the Internet. This one accomplishment alone is more significant than anything Bush has done. Check out the facts about what he really said and what he really did. Then ask yourself, in comparison, what has Bush done to promote the Internet?
  • Gore pays attention to scientific facts and acts accordingly. Bush ignores facts (like independent data on achievement and that virtually every leading scientist thinks global warming is a problem) and does what he wants.
  • Supported by 57 Nobel prize winners and over 750 leading U.S. scientists
  • Gore doesn't attack scientific arguments with phoney arguments that don't challenge the science.
  • Gore doesn't have a track record nearly as bad as Bush's. Of all governors to pick, why pick the governor of Texas? They are in last place on so many measures.
  • There is way too much negative stuff coming out about Bush. We need someone to restore dignity to the office of President.
  • Gore doesn't lie about his top accomplishment. Lies seem to be more common among politicians. Clearly we have both candidates that have lied. But we have to look at how substantive the issues that they have lied on. Gore's lies have been on inconsequential issues. Bush's lies have been on his top issue.
  • Gore has a long list of accomplishments. Bush has a short list of 4 promises and a lack of real progress in any of them.
  • Gore has leading newspapers endorsements from our most trusted press including the New York Times and Washington Post. The Times wrote that Gore is “the man best equipped for the presidency by virtue of his knowledge of government, his experience at the top levels of federal and diplomatic decision-making, and his devotion to the general welfare.”
  • Gore has the backing of all leading environmental groups who can endorse candidates, including the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters. Bush has none.
  • The next President will likely make three appointments for life to the Supreme Court. Bush has said he admires conservative justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas. If Bush were to appoint three others like these two, we could expect a long list of important decisions to be overturned-decisions protecting civil rights, the environment and a woman’s right to choose, just to name a few. If you believe in civil rights and a woman’s right to choose, vote for Gore.
  • The San Jose Mercury News had a very well-written endorsement for Gore that hits all the other high points. If you aren’t sold by now, this is worth reading.
  • See It's the presidency, stupid, by Roger Ebert
  • He's much smarter than Bush
  • Gore has allocated 2X more for the military than Bush has in his budget
  • He's has better mastery of the facts than Bush
  • He can read more than 5 pages of text in a single sitting
  • He has lots of experience in Washington and in foreign affairs (Bush has none)
  • Gore can speak without making errors in English
  • He doesn't duck questions during a Presidential debate
  • He hasn't had a drinking problem
  • He hasn't ever committed a felony (we still don't know which felony Bush did or when it was done; he says it was more than 25 years ago)
  • Unlike Bush, he has no history of drug or alcohol problems. He'd bring dignity back into the White House.
  • He hasn't lied on a major issue to us whereas Bush has fabricated an impressive sounding record that doesn't hold up at all under any scrutiny.
  • Gore's middle-class tax cuts would fit within a balanced budget to ensure that all Americans benefit from the nation's current prosperity. George W. Bush's massive tax cut would put prosperity in peril, returning the nation to deficits and making it "impossible" to eliminate the debt. Almost half of Bush's tax cuts are targeted toward the few who make more than $300,000 a year.
  • Gore would take steps to protect Social Security for seniors and provide a new choice to encourage younger workers to save for retirement. George W. Bush has made a promise he cannot keep. He has admitted that he would drain $1 trillion of the Social Security Trust Fund into private accounts for younger workers, but he has also promised the same money to seniors for their Social Security checks. What choice will he make?
  • Gore will pursue proven strategies for improving public education - reducing class sizes, improving standards and accountability, and bringing technology into classrooms. He has worked to increase access to higher education and lifetime learning opportunities, and he has advocated for get-tough proposals to make schools safer and drug-free.
  • "Nothing is more important to us than our families," write Al Gore and Joe Lieberman in the introduction of their book Bringing Prosperity Home: Choices for America's Families. "We need policies that value families -- that let parents balance work and family and make our schools, hospitals, and communities more friendly to families' needs."

Leading educators overwhelming support Gore
You don’t have to believe me about any of this. Ask around. Ask the educators you trust which candidate they are voting for. We’ve talked to over 75 educators we know and none of them were Bush supporters. The board of the 2.5 million National Education Association unanimously voted to endorse Gore along with 89% (voting via secret ballot) of the 9,000 representative members at their annual meeting. And remember, education was Bush’s top accomplishment, the “jewel in his crown.” [Time, Feb 21, 2000]