The issues: How do the candidates stack up?

I ran out of time so I never finished doing this page. Here are a couple of great editorials who chose Gore:

Newspaper endorsements

  • "Gore's stands on education, the budget surplus, health care and Social Security are reasonable proposals that would extend the benefits of a booming economy to a wider range of Americans…Gore was an administration point man on NAFTA, various environmental initiatives and a drive to streamline government. Bush's abilities as a leader and far-sighted thinker are skimpy by comparison." [San Francisco Chronicle, 10/22/00]

  • "By a clear margin, the distinctions favor Gore, a tested leader. The next president must steer the country through an era of unprecedented change and complexity at home and abroad -- a job that demands the experience, intelligence and judgment that Gore has demonstrated in his career…Neither [Bush's] thin resume nor his work ethic inspires confidence. His undistinguished business career and relatively short tenure as governor do not support his elevation to the White House…the vice president is far better qualified to lead the country." [Sacramento Bee, 10/22/00]


  • The 2.5 million-member National Education Association has endorsed Al Gore for president, calling the Democratic hopeful a proven friend of children and public education. The NEA refers to itself as the largest U.S. professional employee organization, representing 2.5 million education professionals. They cited Gore's position on such issues as class-size reduction, early-childhood education, increased college student aid, higher standards and salaries for teachers, and school modernization.

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