Miracles under Bush

To be perfectly fair, in the course of my research, I did discover two “Texas Miracles” in education that I believe that Bush can take the credit for two real Texas Miracles:

Texas Miracle #1
That Bush was able to get away with telling the story of massive and impossibly large improvements for so long without anyone questioning the gains on the test scores

Texas miracle #2
That Bush managed not to slip too much in rankings against other states despite the infrastructure and funding problems w
e just noted

Other Bush miracles (submitted to me):

You're short chaging Bush of several miracles--and that is not fair! Here are two you don't list (there are probably others):

1. The current ME drunk-driving statute punishes a first-offender with a 90-day license suspension. In 1976, when the ME statute was not as stringent, Bush was punished with a two-year license suspension.

_That_ miracle substantiates the Bush, despite all the negative attacks upon him, _has_ achieved extraordinarily!

2. Because of his fervent patriotism--a patriotism superior to everyone elses, especially Clinton's--he was able to take a flying leap over 500 other patriots waiting in line to enlist to the very front of the line. And his patriotism was so much greater than everyone else's that when he walked out of the office after signing on the dotted line, he was a lieutenant! Certainly that it a miracle--and another underreported instance of his extraordinary achievement!

And then--by contrast with Clinton, who "dodged" signing on the dotted line-- Bush achieved over Clinton's wildest efforts: he _reneged_ on his commitment as shown by signing on the dotted line! Certainly this degree of achievement deserves not only to be laudaed and touted all over the land but also shouted from the top of every flag pole!

So why do you underreport Bush's truly extraordinary--miraculous!--achievements!?

I'm certain with a little thought you can come up with other miraculous achievements by miracle-worker Bush, now that you have been duly chastised.

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