Bush accomplishments as President

In his first two months (among other things)

  • Reneged on his promise to support mandatory emission reductions for carbon dioxide in power plants and has now backed out of the Global Warming Treaty. Most likely, he never planned to endorse these measures—he just said he would to get a few votes. He is now paying back his big oil contributors with our children’s breath.
  • Repealed the Clinton Administration’s drinking water regulation, thus allowing the level of arsenic in drinking water to remain at its high level.
  • Introduced the idea of government funded religion organizations. An idea that may not violate the letter of the Constitution, but surely the spirit of the document upon which the American government is founded.
  • Put forward a tax-break-for-the-rich scheme while touting it as a cure for the poor economy—an economy he and his henchmen keep harping on, thus trying to fool Americans into thinking this scheme is the only answer.
  • Asked us to “move on past” (thus ignore) the Florida election fiasco. He means that we should not question all the accusations of stolen votes, lost votes, and under-counted votes. We should just accept the outcome as if we were sheep—or subjects!
  • Pushed through a ban to keep OSHA from issuing standards and ergonomic guidelines, thus making it more difficult for hard working Americans to get treatment for this painful work related injury.
  • Has suspended the black listing regulation regarding the awarding of government contracts to builders. Now contractors who are known polluters and who are know to discriminate in hiring practices will be allowed to bid on these contracts.
  • Pissed off North Korea by doing an about face two days after Colin Powell visited.


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